Hello Spring!



New life is springing up everywhere these days...where once the cold winter confines kept color and beauty under wraps.  It is an amazing blessing each year to be reminded that warmth mixed with a splash of rain here and there produces new life once again.  That the cold grey of winter must always relinquish it's hold giving way to cheery clumps of purple verbena, fresh blades of green grass and best of all wondrous patches of bluebonnets that herald in beautiful blue notes that yes indeed spring has arrived once again.

The seasonal impact on nature is very clearly mirrored in my own heart...even now it is still shaking off the hardness of  winters cold that revealed itself in sadness and disappointment.  But just as my garden so quickly responds to warmth and rain, so too does the soil of my heart. Kindness from a friend or a refreshing time in God's word softens my heart allowing seeds of truth and joy and beauty to flourish and grow...so that I may be a bloom filled blessings to others.

If winter still has a hold on you, please be encouraged to know that while the cold soil looks lifeless and hard underneath new life is readying itself ...being prepared for the right time to blossom.  It is the same way for us, that even in the darkest most barren times of our lives God is still very much at work, growing us and strengthening us so that we are prepared at the right time for His best work.

 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11