Lesson From Gideon


Many, many years ago I was challenged by a co-worker to call into the local Christian radio station's daily Bible quiz.  Hoping to exhibit the depth of my Biblical knowledge by answering correctly and of course winning a fabulous prize I took the challenge!  Turned out the question was about Gideon, and the extent of my knowledge about him was limited to something about a fleece.   Needless to say, I answered the question incorrectly and the only thing that I came away with was a slightly bruised ego and an awareness of my woeful lack of understanding  of the Old Testament Judges.

With that distant memory, I was delighted when our the women at church would be studying the book of "Gideon Your Weakness. God's strength"  by Priscilla Shirer http://www.goingbeyond.com/biography . At last I would have an opportunity to find out what I had been missing!  While the lessons in Gideon are numerous, this is the one lesson that has really resonated with me.

Briefly, when we first meet Gideon he is threshing wheat in a cave.  In a cave?  Really?  Yes, he was working on his harvest in a cave where he hoped he would go undetected.  You see, the people of Israel had these enemies that for seven long years managed to plan their attacks just as Gideon the other farmers were harvesting,  leaving them devastated and without a harvest. His lack of courage caused him to seek refuge in a place that was quite unsuitable for the task at hand.  He was timid, afraid, insecure and hopeless.

Have you ever felt that the only solution to your trouble was to hide?

I do.  Way more than I really want to admit.  If I hide, then no sees my pain or failure or despair.

Back to Gideon...this is where the story gets really good.  An angel of the Lord meets Gideon in his hideout...and when Gideon finally acknowledges this angelic presence Gideon is greeted with the title O mighty man of Valor!  Say what?  God is declaring to Gideon just exactly how He sees him...not the way Gideon sees himself.  I do the exact same thing.  I dwell on my insecurities or fears (a.k.a. pity parties) rather than digging into God's word to be reminded of what He thinks of me.  While Gideon was hiding, God saw him as mighty, a fighter and a champion.  When I am afraid, God say Be brave I am with you (Joshua 1:9). When I feel like the biggest loser God says I am with you, I delight in you and rejoice over you with joyful songs (Zeph. 3:17). Pretty powerful!  In Christ, I am more than a conqueror...as Priscilla would say "A Mighty Warrior Princess"!

So, ladies...find the cave exit pronto adjust your crown!  Live like the Might Warrior Princess that you are!