Once upon a time....



Once upon a time in a magical and sunny kingdom called California a fair haired child was born.  She was called Kathleen...Kathy for short.  But it was her handsome Prince of a father who dubbed her Katy Ka Diddle Hopper...we don't know why for sure, but its sweet silliness suited the giggly little girl perfectly.

As she grew, she found that being silly was not the only thing to recommend her...but her drawing abilities were as well..  She drew constantly.  As in all the time!  She drew pictures...lots and lots of pictures and gave them away to all those she loved throughout the kingdom. As she grew, so did her love of all things creative.  So one day, she packed her bags and traveled to a land far, far away called Chico, where she learned many more things about being drawing pictures.

While in the land of Chico, she met her  Prince Charming.  They got married, had three of their very own sweet and silly children and are living happily ever after.  Although no longer a child, Kathleen still loved to draw. Especially she loved to draw pictures that are full of whimsy and delight...that puts a smile on the face of everyone that sees them.  She did not need a magic mirror or a crystal ball to know that the very best name ever for her art was Katy Ka Diddle Hopper.


Here is the non-fairy tale version...I was born in California and do have a Prince of a Dad who nicknamed me Katy Ka Diddle Hopper!  I have always loved to communicate through art and have drawn lots and lots of pictures over the years.  The Prince Charming and three kids part is totally true!  I have been working on my art business for the several years now...learning so much along the way.  The journey has had it's ups and downs for sure, and the funny thing is that "Katy" has almost taken on a life of her own...the art, the process the highs and lows are all bundled into one little cutie called Katy...it is like she is part of the family.  So, I spend my days creating art that I hope blesses you and makes you smile...because for me that would be a fairy tale dream come true