Worth a thousand words...


I am really bad at words...well actually expressing how I feel with words.  My husband on the other hand is a word kind of guy.  He is very expressive, and I am usually the beneficiary of sweet words of encouragement and love.  I am blessed beyond measure!

So how does a "picture" kind of girl tell a "word" kind of guy just exactly how she feels?

With a picture, of course...being worth a thousand words I hope that I can express the depth of the feelings I have for my Valentine with this one simple illustration!

Valentine-I love that out of a ba-zillion yarns to choose from God in His infinite love and creativity thought that we would be the best together!  He could envision how perfectly my quirky,  multi-colored poly-cotton blend yarn would go with your sturdy 100% wool yarn.  He could see that woven together our best qualities would become intertwined making us the individuals He wanted us to become, both separately and together.

Valentine-I love that our hearts are knitted together as one...not being able to see where one ends and the other begins.

Valentine-I love that the stitches are neat and even, but that is only because we have had many years of practice.  Making mistakes, undoing the stitches that needed to be improved and getting better with each new row.  I am so glad that we keep on knitting!

Valentine-I love that like a blanket these knitted hearts provide warmth and security. This warmth and security has covered our kids throughout their lives and has provided for them a pattern that can be replicated in their own lives some day.

So, to my "word" kind of guy  Happy Valentine's  Day!

From your "picture" kind of girl.

Sharing a little piece of my heART for Valentines Day!


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 Happy Valentines Day!