Being a "Visual Learner", I am so grateful that Jesus painted so many pictures with His words.  I guess I just read pictures much better than I read words...but on deeper reflection it is the picture that remains indelibly etched on the tablet of my heart that confirms for me the power of the picture.

In Luke 12, Jesus is telling his disciples (and us) about how to deal with worry.  Worry and anxiety, for many of us is a constant companion. Here is a list of the top 10 things that people worry about in 2012 from

  1. Money
  2. Iran
  3. Price of gas
  4. pit bulls
  5. election 2012
  6. Mitt Romney winning
  7. President Obama re-elected
  8. global warming
  9. ice age
  10. December 21, 2012

I know that without too much problem we all could probably add to the list.

While worry has been a human condition from the beginning of time, I am pretty sure that what we worry about today is much different than what Jesus' contemporaries worried about.  We might worry about what we might eat or wear not if we have anything to eat or wear.  This is how Jesus paints the picture...He said consider the ravens (dirty birds that did not take care of their young) and the lilies, they have no way to take care of themselves but God provides for them just the same.  How much more will He take care of us, because of His great and amazing love?  Trusting God's perfect provision is the antidote to our anxiety and worry.  And a wonderful way to apply that antidote is to take a walk outside...consider the flowers.  For us Texans we consider that bluebonnets and the sunflowers.  In the northwest you might consider the rhodies and the daffodils. Where ever you are look at the flowers. The picture that God our Provider is painting with each blossom is this...please don't worry, trust Me...I have you covered!

So when worry is knocking at your hearts door, take a walk outside, see the birds and the flowers and...consider the lilies.