It's NOT all about the Candy!



It is that time of year again...when the visions of candy bars and lollipops dance in the heads of kids everywhere...and when I say kids I actually mean of all ages.  The trick or treat years are distant memories for me now..and as I look back I wonder how did I manage to make costumes for three kids!  Well I know one answer is because I was younger then too (shock) and obviously had much more energy then I do now!  For my family the fun of dressing up, running around in the dark with Dad and hoping one of the neighbors would do something fun and scary was the best part of Trick or Treating...the candy was icing on the cake. As in most of our family memories it was what we did together that  we celebrated and enjoyed the most, more than the candy or the gifts. And I am grateful that this blessing is the same today even though my kiddos are grown-up!  I hope that is the same for you and your family.

I created this ode to the season to capture the fun we had, but also to remember that with all of the fun and excitement manners are the best part of everyone's costume.  Please comment as I would love to know your thoughts...and thank you for stopping by!